We provide professional services in the following areas:

Operating Budget
  - Workshop meetings to determine budget goals and objectives
  - Maintain historical data on utility consumption
  - Review current years' expenditures for comparison with budget allocations
  - Obtain rate projections from suppliers and vendors
  - Prepare draft for board review and revision
  - Prepare a budget with assessment rates for owners w/coupons for payment

Financial Statements
  - Itemization of revenue and expense categories
  - Comparative P&L variance for current month and ytd
  - Full balance sheet
  - Delinquency list with up-to-date reference on action taken
  - General ledger
  - Check Register
  - Reconciliation of bank accounts prior to statement preparation
  - Mailing to board within 15 days 
Assessment Collection
  - Automatic 30 and 60 day letters to delinquent accounts
  - Board authorized late fees and fine system
  - Coordination with attorney for lien filing, judgments and foreclosures
  - Recommendations to board on handling of any unusual circumstances
  Accounts Payable
  - Cash management to maximize return on association funds
  - Approval of invoices before disbursement
  - Expenditures coding for tracking budgets
  - Maintaining accounts payable files
  - Audit trail approved by experienced association auditors
  - Preliminary and follow up meetings with board auditor
Tax Returns and Financial Correspondence
  - Annual Secretary of State for filing for corporations
  - Assist in filing state and federal income tax returns
  - Tax and financial correspondence
  - Maintenance assessment certifications for closings

  Payroll Administration
  - Payroll for employees
  - Employee health insurance program and payments
  - Maintain payroll records in accordance with state and federal law
  - Quarterly tax reporting
Financial Account Maintenance
  - All association funds are maintained in FD1C insured accounts
  - Restricted reserve accounts board documented authorization for transactions
  - Excess funds maintained in accounts to maximize earnings for the association
    Meeting Coordination
  - In person or virtual meetings available
  - Assist boards with meeting minutes
  - Automated management reports 
  - Maintain association records, owner registries
  - Handle owner disputes and recommendations to board for precedent setting decisions
- Prepare new owner welcome packages
  - Property survey information for lenders seeking FNMA and/or GNMA approval
  - Provide closing attorneys with prorations and other association required collections
  - Distribute association bulletins and newsletters
  - Assist board appointed committees in the performance of their duties
  - Assist the board in taking necessary steps to comply with local, state, and federal laws
  Insurance Administration
  - Initiate Board authorized properly replacement cost appraisal
  - Prepare association documents and advise on coverages
  - Work with insurance committee and board in obtaining proposals
  - Make recommendation on insurance renewal

  - Coordinate insurance certificates
  - Handle association insurance claims and coordinate with owners
On-site Supervision
  - Supervision and guidance for on site maintenance personnel
  - Inspection reports 
  - Employee training in job performance and safety precautions
  - Coordination for capital projects and major improvements
  - Supervision of contract services from outside vendors
  - Purchase of materials and supplies using our bulk buying power
  - Assist building and/or ground's committee
Janitorial Serivces 
-Monthly Services available for the following cleaning items:
Vaccuum, windows, blowing, restrooms, clubhouses, gym areas, showers, sinks, toilets, railing and hallways
  Pressure Washing Services
-Seasonal Services are available for the following surfaces:
Sidewalks, curbs, patios, clubhouses, pool decks, driveways, porches, roundabouts